QSense is dedicated to enabling connected wellness, helping people make better decisions and optimizing their health via smart devices


 The world's first consumer hydration monitoring system

LiquidIO is the world’s first non-invasive hydration monitoring system — capable of measuring your hydration level through simple human body contact

It takes just 5 seconds for our sensor system to read your hydration and send the data to your smartphone and our cloud service to track your hydration history. It’s like magic  or science, whichever you prefer.

    Location-specific wearable air quality monitoring

LucidAir provides real-time, location-specific information about your air-quality, helping you stay in tune with your environment 

Air quality is a serious issue: It's unavoidable, unpredictable, and a deterrent. With more than 7 million annual deaths attributed to bad indoor and outdoor air isn't it time to know more about what you're breathing?


Our Mission

We believe everyone can be their own health and wellness coach if they know more about their environment and their bodies. We've spent the last year developing a new breed of connected devices that can be worn not just on your wrist but on your bag, your shirt, your hat or anywhere else you like. We've also designed mobile applications that are easy to use and take advantage of Sidecar, our data cloud service that's currently operating in Beta.